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Our program has three simple rules: respect yourself, respect your teammates and respect your coaches. Any player violating these rules will be disciplined.


  • Progress reports must be completed and signed by all teachers. An incomplete progress report will result in an OSI. (OSI stands for "Opportunity for Self Improvement." This is usually a physical activity that helps the player think about their actions and the consequences of them.)

  • Any player with an F on their midterm progress report or report card will not play in a game until that grade has improved to at least a D.

  • For any D or F grades, players must be at tutoring the following week for that class.

  • If a player needs tutoring, they must tell Coach Perry ahead of time, get dressed for practice and then go to tutoring. When returning to practice, the player must bring a note signed by the teacher with their departure time.

  • If a player is dismissed from a tutoring session for behavior, they will receive a minimum of a one-quarter suspension.

  • A player written up on a referral for any reason will result in an OSI. 

  • Any bad reports or phone calls from a teacher involving a player will result in an OSI, locker room cleanup duty or county policy enforcement. A third call from a teacher will result in a coaches’ conference.

  • County policy and penalties will be enforced on any player who receives in or out-of-school suspension.


  • Players are required to attend all practices and arrive on time.

  • The first time a player is late to practice (or a team meeting), they will be given an OSI. The second time will result in a coaches' meeting. 

  • Any players who miss practice will not dress for the next game.

  • The only two excuses for missing practice are if the player is in the hospital or there is a death in the family.

  • Sick players must come to practice and check in with Coach Perry and the head athletic trainer. They will dismiss the player to watch practice or go home. This is the only way it won't count as a missed practice.


  • If a player is injured, they must notify Coach Perry.

  • The player must follow the trainer’s instructions and will still be responsible for attending all team meetings and practices.

  • Players should only see an outside doctor on the advice of the Lake Mary trainers. If a player sees an outside doctor, they must write a note saying the player is cleared to play.

Game Day

  • Players are required to wear grey pants and a game jersey on game days.

  • Players must be present at the 3:00 p.m. pregame meal roll call.

  • Players late to a pregame meal will be given locker room cleanup duty and an OSI.

Weight Room and Lockers

  • Players are to follow their prescribed workout. If the weight is too high or low, see Coach Perry for an adjustment of your chart. Do not do your own workout.

  • Players must have on black shorts, white T-shirts and work out shoes at all times in the weight room.

  • There will be no messing around or sitting in the weight room.

  • Players will be issued a locker for their use during the season.

  • Players will not switch or change lockers without permission from Coach Perry

  • Players will keep their locker and the area around their locker clean from debris, clothes, food and other trash.

  • Players will not store their belongings or put trash in an empty locker.

  • When leaving the locker room, only cleats and tennis shoes will be on the bottom of the locker. The chair will be neatly placed at the back of the locker.

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