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In making sure our Rams are ready to play in the fall, players are expected to participate in our spring season and summer conditioning.

Spring Season

We have four weeks of practice during the months of April and May. We also have one exhibition (intra-squad) red/gray game and one game against an opponent in our county.

Summer Conditioning

We have 20 conditioning sessions over the summer. This includes lifting weights and outdoor training. Practices are Monday-Thursday from 7:30-10:00 a.m. for all levels of play, including incoming freshmen. Players are expected to be at all training sessions to prepare for the demands of playing in hotter temperatures — and in pads — when August rolls around.

If a player misses more than six (6) training sessions in summer, they will be expected to take part in 6:00 a.m. practices that take place before the start of the school day during the first two weeks of the school year.

Vacation Planning

Between spring and summer, there will be no conditioning or training after our spring game and until June 1.


There will be no practices during Fourth of July week.


There are no practices on Friday, so every weekend is a long weekend.


Morning conditioning will continue until August 1. At that point, we will switch to afternoon practices (following the same schedule as the school year), with roll call at 2:30 p.m.

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